Why Everyone Should Swim More – Getting Fit In The Pool

Swimming is one of the few exercises that can truly give a full body workout and has some nice perks that other full body workouts can’t give. The biggest one being that you are not subjecting your body to any kinds of impact stresses, particularly on the knees and back. This is one of my main concerns with people who are overweight and choose to run either on a treadmill or worse, on tarmac, to lose weight. For overweight people this can cause stress damage to knee joints over long periods of time.

Swimming In Decline

In short, swimming is perhaps the best full body cardiovascular exercise around, but the number of people swimming in recent years is showing signs of a gradual decline. This is likely due to the health and fitness industry promoting exercise machines at their gyms as the best way to workout with swimming as something you might do afterwards to relax or for fun.

This also highlights the fact that gyms make more money per square meter than a swimming pool, with gym memberships, personal trainers, vending machines etc. On top of that a pool does require a lot of maintenance work and a full time lifeguard in most cases and needs heaters and pumps to be working whilst the pool is open, which adds to the operating costs. So it’s no surprise that from a business perspective that pools have fallen out of favor as a way to help people get fitter.

Avoiding The Pool

For anyone who perhaps doesn’t like to exercise in public, whether at the gym or out running in the local park, swimming is often not an option, especially if you are not confident in how your body looks right now. I’m sure that the majority of people are not completely comfortable in their swimming outfits and this could partially be another factor as to why swimming is not as popular for losing weight.

Swimming At Home

The good news is that owning a pool that is suitable for swimming is now within reach of most people, so you will no longer need to avoid swimming as a way of losing weight. Above  ground pools are getting so competitive in price now that for under $2000 you could get yourself a 30+ foot pool and have plenty of room to swim lengths. In particular Intex make some great pools and the best above ground pool in my opinion is their 32 foot rectangular pool for swimming.

If you don’t have much space at home but still want to be able to swim more often from the privacy of home then don’t worry, there are models available that are the same size as the average family car that can still give a great workout. The most well-known pool is the Fitmax iPool that uses a velcro harness to add resistnace to the swimmer and create the effect of being able to swim endlessly in a pool that is only 11ft long.

Save Time and Money with Your Own Home Gym

It can be difficult to find time for going to the gym and working out for an hour or more for many people. Most of us have busy schedules between our work and family life and trying to squeeze in an hour a week, much less two or threes times a week, to ourselves can seem impossible. However, you can save money and time by having your own gym at home. While the initial costs may be high, the money you save and the convenience of being able to workout at home will easily make it pay off in the long run.

Enjoy the Convenience of Home Workouts

Having a home gym allows you to get in a workout whenever you have a few minutes to spare. Since you don’t have to spend time traveling back and forth from a gym in order to workout, you can take the extra five minutes you may have before the kids get up and jump on a stationary bike or a rowing machine for a quick cardio session. (find some good rowers here) Instead of flipping through channels on the TV late at night, you can spend that time lifting weights and trimming your midsection.

Save Money Working Out at Home

Most gym memberships cost at least $50 or more per month for just one person. If you have a spouse or significant other that belongs to the gym as well, that’s at least $100 per month that you will be spending on a gym membership that you may not have time to use. Many people don’t use their memberships on a regular basis, so it is often money wasted, especially if you’ve signed a contract for a year or more.

Instead of spending money on a membership that you may not use, take your money and invest in a home gym. You can get a great rowing machine that can give you the workout you want for under $300 like the york r101 rowing machine.  You can buy equipment that you want and use a spare room in your home or garage as a workout studio. Instead of spending time traveling back and forth from a gym, you can save your gas money and use any extra time you have working out at home. If you want a great starter home gym workout check out this guide.

Many of us have just a few minutes to spare each day between work and family obligations and you can make those minutes count by working out and getting fit. You will save time, wear on your car and you will enjoy the convenience of having your equipment all to yourself.