BMX Bikes – A Fun Way To Get Into Cycling

Freestyler BMXBMX bikes have been around for a few decades now and provide a great way for young and old to get into cycling, learning tricks and generally having fun. The BMX was originally designed in California in the 70s when kids raced them on dirt tracks eventually building jumps and tricks. The bikes were modified to get the best handling and performance and thus began the birth of the world famous BMX.

The term BMX is an abreviaton for the bicycle motocross but the bikes are now used in a wide range of settings and there are specific competitions aimed at tricks and stunts, without any type of racing taking place at all.

Currently the prices of these bikes can vary greatly, with some cheaper models selling for around $150 and more expensive bikes selling for around $800+, a good range of BMX bikes can be found at

One of the most noticeable features of BMX Bikes when compared to road or mountain bikes is the presence of ‘stunt pegs’, which are basically small steel tubes attached horizontally at the front and rear wheel hubs. These are mainly used for ‘grinding’ type tricks which involve jumping the bike and sliding along a raised surface using the pegs. They can also be used for standing on when doing specific tricks or even just as a way of hanging the bike up in the garage.

Most BMX bikes are much smaller than regular bikes, which allows spin tricks to be done when airborne. This normally involves jumping and kicking the frame of the bike whilst holding the handlebars, causing the frame to spin and rotating around the handlebar stem. This is an advanced trick so don’t attempt it if you are new to BMX riding. The Rooster Big Daddy is a great starter BMX.